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The Case for Divine Right

June 9, 2011

The federal government of the United States derives its authority from a firm compact among the states known as the Constitution. This is the story we’re all told in school and in the political arena.

Back in the 1700s, the American colonists overthrew the monarchy of England, establishing an independent confederacy of states. That confederacy was later replaced by the constitutional republic that we have today. As a condition of that system’s existence, the central government is not permitted to infringe on the freedom of the people or the states in the realms of speech, religion, possession of arms, privacy, due process of law, and a variety of other areas. Monarchy is rejected entirely; the government is a form of rebellion against rule by any scepter or crown. It is a system of the people, by the people, and for the people, governed by the will of the people and the supreme law of the land, the Constitution.

At least that’s what we’re told. Looking around at the United States in the 21st century, that centuries-old story of bravery and fierce integrity feels like it was plucked from someone else’s history. If the colonial patriots so celebrated in our schools and our monuments were to defend their freedom today as they did in their time, they’d find themselves detained and questioned about their links to terrorist organizations. Honest responses would land them in kangaroo courts with secret evidence and a lawyer hand-picked by government spooks. This is how we treat patriots now—not the image-conscious, flag-waving “patriots,” but the kind who would truly rise in defense of their countrymen. This is what we put people through for baring their teeth to the vicious, disobedient dog of government.

Indeed, there is now no such thing as constitutional government in the United States. That compact among the states is a thoroughly dishonored agreement and as such holds no honorable force anymore. The acts of the federal government have largely become the behavior of a rogue entity causing harm to and stealing from the people it rules.

It’s important for this point to be very clear, as it’s not just semantic: the federal government no longer governs by the consent of the people, but rules by the will of whatever institutions or individuals wield it—a group that has become quite small and predictable. It is no longer a constitutional republic, because such a republic governs certain affairs within the narrow scope over which it has been granted authority. It does not rule by the will of its stewards and their benefactors. That is the province of monarchy.

In that light, for the sake of public sanity (and dare I say honesty?), let us no longer believe that the federal government derives its authority from Constitution and the will of the people, nor speak of such things. That source of authority has long been forsaken. Let’s instead recognize the one source of authority of this kind: divine right.

Only a government purporting heavenly authority can claim the right to breach any oath for vague purposes, issue money from the sky, sell the futures of its subjects and their heirs for generations, wage war with impunity, seize anything or anyone from anywhere, stifle speech and religion and association, offer subservience to foreign nations, dominate its subjects physically, and generally swing the sword of its power through any target it chooses. Rulers that persistently commit these offenses without claim of divine right tend to find their blood spilled. It is the only effective way to get entire populations to bow to a tyrannical ruling class over the long term; tell them it’s the will of some god or other.

If the federal government hopes to have any chance at riding out the coming storm, it would behoove its handlers to invoke a deity or two to whip the masses into shape. It may seem like a strange move, but it is no less doomed to fail than expecting a nation forged from revolution to continue tolerating rampant abuse under the lie of constitutional government. The fraud, deception, and usurpation are far too obvious now, and a great awakening is being hastened by the wave of poverty drowning America and the world. Perhaps it’s time for the oligarchs to go with god.

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  1. howardtlewisiii permalink
    June 10, 2011 20:09

    There is nothing divine about animal brute dominance. That is why these neocon whelp m___________s and their minions sneak around and murder and defraud to get their way. Their way has no ellegance nor benefit for any but themselves. Nor does it consider the quest for space nor perfect understandings for the glory of God or atheistic laboratory mastery of the understandings of the universe. They just want to be on top and the fact that they do it by sucker-punching the world proves their unworthiness.

    I seriously doubt that they would recognize their own mothers if I shaved their backs. Long live the Constitution. To Hel with the New World Order.

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